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SomaticQuieting.com is a project of Kiai Kim, an Emotional Resolution® practitioner trained under Cedric Bertelli of the Emotional Health Institute based in San Francisco, California. Kiai (pronounced “key-eye”) is also a board-certified National Clinical Counselor (NCC) and founder of Care Association, a nonprofit dedicated to alleviate the economic burdens of low- to middle-income Americans. She works as a clinical counselor under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Zorbas of Therapy Now SF and is currently working toward licensure as a professional clinical counselor in California. Kiai studied clinical mental health counseling at Antioch University New England and urban studies at Vassar College.

The purpose of this site is to share insights and discoveries about viscerosomatic quieting, a process known within the medical community, and to provide some guidance to help readers have a better understanding of the phenomenon.